Just another 8 hours left in the work week. Because today is Friday, Yeh! Tomorrow we’re having a Bridal Shower for the girl who is engaged to my nephew. It is going to be such a fun day, she is such a nice girl I can’t wait. Sunday is like any other, I will probably watch some football, I have been rooting the Jets, I think it is waste of time. They keep loosing. So know i’ll root for the chiefs, the’re doing great. Both teams in the New York area are doing badly, what is a girl to do?

Just one more day until Friday! As I told you guys on my blog on Tuesday I am now a reiki practioner. This means I can do reiki on myself and friends/family. I can’t just put up and start a practice. This was totally done for fun. My yin yoga teacher has sparked interest in crystals. They all have some sort of healing properties in them. Over the next couple of weeks I will be talking about them. You will always learn something. #motivate #create #inspire #healing #crystals

Happy Sunday everyone! Yesterday I went to the food truck festival in Larchmont. I’ve never been to one in was pretty cool. There were 7 trucks witch I thought was a good number. I went to the greek food truck and it was amazing – I got sponikopdia ( spinch pie) and I got my sister a filophia she loved it. So when you have nothing to do go outside you might find something. #outside #motivate #inspire #create